22th ISCP Biennial Int'l Conference

Notification for the Issuance of Acceptance Letters and Payment of Registration Fee for Non-ISCP Members

Notification for the Issuance of Acceptance Letters and Payment of Registration Fee for Non-ISCP Members

The review committee has recently completed reviewing applications for participation in the upcoming ISCP conference. After reviewing the individuals and group proposals, we have sent formal acceptance letters to those who have been accepted.

Please note that Non-ISCP members whose papers have been accepted are expected pay a registration fee (settled in RMB) in order to participate in the conference. The system for registration and payment has already been opened. Participants should click "registration" on the homepage of the conference website to register and pay the registration fee. The registration is deemed successful when the payment is completed.

To participate in the conference participants must confirm their identity information with payment-related records and identity-related documents (student ID, ISCP membership, or other related documents), after which participants will receive relevant materials for participation in the conference.

Registration and Payment Process:

1. Click "Registration" on the homepage of the website.

2.If it is your first time logging in, you must click Register first. If you have already registered, click Login, and then log in with your account and password.

3. After logging in, there will be the following prompt. You can choose to scan the QR code on WeChat to register or click "Continue" (继续) to enter the next page, and click "sign up".

4. On the registration page fill in the relevant information and click "Submit".

5.Select the amount you should pay, click "Submit" to enter the payment page, and click "Pay Now" after confirming the amount.

6.Enter the payment page, confirm your name and amount, select the payment method (there are three options: Industrial or Commercial Bank of China, WeChat or Alipay, and VISA, Mastercard, or JCB), click "Pay in Full", enter the corresponding payment page, and complete the payment according to the prompts.

7.After successful payment, log in to the registration page again and your payment status will display as "PAID".

The Introduction of Registration and Payment Process.pdf