Conference Theme

The conference theme is “Chinese Philosophy from the Perspective of World Philosophy.” Following the spread of Western philosophy in the East and the encounter between Chinese and Western thought, Chinese philosophy started gaining a global perspective. Broadly speaking, “globalness” includes two significant implications. On the one hand, the accumulated achievements of Chinese philosophical thought may provide constructive theoretical resources for the further advancement of world philosophy; furthermore, in this process Chinese philosophy itself will gradually reveals its global meaning.  On the other hand, other philosophical traditions in the world (firstly, the Western philosophical traditions), also provide a broad referencing and perspectival viewpoints for the development of Chinese philosophy. Moreover, both in substance and in form, the other philosophical traditions continuously enable Chinese philosophy to obtain new forms of expression, which alternatively manifests both the creativeness and the openness of Chinese philosophy. An unavoidable issue in the study of Chinese philosophy concerns how to care about, and learn from, the wisdom of other philosophical traditions and resources, while at the same time exhibiting its own unique significance in today’s world. The 22nd conference of the International Society of Chinese Philosophy aims to advance this line of thinking. Under the general theme of “Chinese Philosophy from the Perspective of World Philosophy,” the subthemes include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) What is World Philosophy?

(2) How Does Chinese Philosophy Participate in Worldwide Debates of Different Philosophical Traditions?

(3) Philosophical Reflection on World History

(4) Chinese Philosophy and Eastern Philosophy

(5) Meaning and Limit of Comparative Philosophy

(6) Chinese Philosophy and Analytic Philosophy

(7) Chinese Philosophy and Phenomenology

(8) Chinese Philosophy and Pragmatism

(9) Confucian Philosophy from the Perspective of World Philosophy

(10) Daoist Philosophy from the Perspective of World Philosophy

(11) Buddhist Philosophy from the Perspective of World Philosophy

(12) Chinese Philosophy and World Philosophy in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Eras